Power of Two Crowns

Thun (official name Thun 1794 a.s.) is currently the oldest Czech porcelain manufacturer.

C ompany was founded in 1794 by earl Franz Josef Thun and Johann Nikolaus Weber. From the beginning, it focuses on the production of tableware.

Today is Thun biggest producer of finest Bohemian porcelain with powefull technology and creative designers team. Everyone can rely on 100% quality and professional service

W est Bohemia is location with very rich and fascinating history. Zettlitz (czech name: Sedlec) is place located in neighborhood of Karlovy Vary and is the right location where was started in 1861 mining of famous "Sedlecky" kaolin.

With focus on this historical commitment, Rulak Zettlitz brings quality, history and sophisticated design with Czech tradition on the market.

Rulak Zettlitz is a brand of company based in part of Karlovy Vary - Sedlec (Karlsbad - Zettlitz).